Introducing Discord Bouncer
Improve your Discord server by verifying unique people with World ID

Discord Bouncer helps prevent spam and increase the quality of the community by verifying humans. Allow only humans to join, only humans to post or DM, or have humans-only channels.

Welcome to the Discord Bouncer, if you want to use this in your server to verify humanness, follow these instructions to get started.
how to get verified

What is World ID

World ID is a decentralized protocol to verify unique humanness. This is done through completely private iris imaging with a device called an orb.

As a user, you can download the Worldcoin app, go to an orb and verify your identity once. You can then prove your a unique human to any number of apps.

IDkit screenshot

Say goodbye to CAPTCHA and bots

Secure your Discord with Discord Bouncer


Why choose Discord Bouncer?

Discord Bouncer removes bot spam and protects against sybil attacks on your Discord server. Additionally, it’s trustless and completely privacy-preserving.


Only humans

Protect certain actions so only

humans can perform them.


Complete flexibility

The Discord Bouncer will assign a role to verified humans.

You can choose what users can do with that role.


Anonymous and private

No personal information needed or shared.

Just verify humans.


Better community controls

Now when you ban a bad actor

they won’t return with another account.

Ready to join our community?

This project is open sourced and anyone can contribute to it.
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